Connecting to Help Scout


  • Have an active oFlow account which has been linked to Linnworks.
  • Have an active Help Scout subscription at the Standard plan or higher.


  1. In the oFlow Helpdesk app settings page, select Help Scout as your provider and copy the Help Scout URL.
  2. Log into Help Scout and goto Manage > App
  3. Scroll down to "Build Custom App"
  4. Click "Create App"
  5. Set the following;
    1. App name :
    2. Content type : Dynamic
    3. Callback URL : Paste in the Help Scout URL from step 1 of this guide.
    4. Secret Key : 09sdf60ch9n4894h0c783
  6. Make sure debug mode is turned off 
  7. Check the boxes for which of your mailboxes you would like the oFlow app to run in.
  8. Click "Save"
  9. Head back over to one of your emails and the app should be visible in the right side bar.

Customise your help desk app

You can adjust what you want and do not want to see from the   oFlow settings page.

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